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My Story

I am a Stress & Lifestyle Management Coach for Women, a Teacher of Restorative-Yin Yoga for Stress Relief, Adaptive Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host of Your Life Your Way.  But what has my journey been like that led me to all of this? 


I am a Mom of twin Sons. They are my greatest gifts, joy and supporters.  It is an honor to be their Mom.  For many years they were watching their Mom react to life and stress was, well, it was plentiful. I went through careers I didn't find fulfillment in, struggled horribly with midlife hormone imbalance, watched them both leave for college at the same time and then I went through a divorce that was traumatic for me.  I was lost because I was drowning in my lifetime of conditioning.  Once I understood this and decided to take responsibility for my role in my life, I realized I had choices.  I knew I wanted to feel safe to be ME always without feeling guilty.

I could have stayed suffering or I could choose to step fully into ME and MY life and design it powerfully.  I decided that what I was teaching worked for my clients, then it would work for me. I began to create a new legacy for myself and my Sons. (And now Grandson) They do not need to carry my wounds. It was a difficult journey and tough to face my role at times but forgiving myself for what I didn't know (and forgiving those that came before me) kept me on my journey of healing. By healing me, it helps them to heal and the greatest gift was when they told me how proud they are of me.


 My purpose and passion is to help you feel safe being YOU always and to create your Powerful Legacy!  You too can release old history, influences and habits that have filled you with doubts, fear and stories that have all been untrue.  We hold thoughts and beliefs that came from previous generations, others, society and you no longer have to carry stuff that was never yours. Your children don't have to carry them either.  This is YOUR LIFE and it is YOUR GIFT.  Design it with your dreams, desires, purpose and passion.  If I could, and can do it, so can you and I am here to support and guide you.  Just imagine how your vision coming to life will feel. 


I am a lover of Yoga, coffee, walking, biking, horses, music, trees, crystals, energy work, critters of all kinds (except alligators!!) and so much more!  I reside in Aiken, SC (After swearing all my life that I would never live in the South and now you couldn't drag me away).  It was another adventure and I absolutely plan more. 

I am a believer in walking your own path and taking in the lessons that come along the way and using them to design Your Life Your Way!!  Book a complimentary session, ask me questions and find out if this is the right path for you. No pressure, all confidential.


 Breathe. Laugh. Love. Live.


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