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What Is Yogilosophy?

Yogi (YOU) losophy (YOUR LIFE JOURNEY)

KM Your Life Your Way, Stress & Lifestyle Management Coaching includes its signature program, Yogilosphy, as a therapeutic approach to stress relief and wellness. It includes Restorative-Yin Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Breathwork and Design Your Meditation.

Designing Your Life Your Way involves examining and understanding how we get on this roller coaster ride/hamster wheel in the first place.  We spend so much of life being/doing how the rest of the world thinks we should and it's time to release all the stuff that was never ours, yours, to carry. You may not be ready for a full on coaching program just yet but would like a calmer day to day, more inner balance and clarity.  Yogilosophy is also a stand alone program.

Restorative-Yin and Adaptive Yoga both cultivate the skill of rest and relaxation for:


*Balancing your nervous system

*Enhancing your immune system

*Enhanced breath awareness

*Finding your fav areas to hold tension and releasing it

*Better sleep

*Calming your mind and finding clarity

*Improved Flexibility and Strength

*Increased energy

*Opening up tight areas around hips, spine

*Supporting 12 Main Body Systems

*Bringing Body and Mind together


All R-Y poses are floor poses with props for comfort, safety and self discovery.  All Abilities!

Adaptive Yoga is praticed with props such as, chair, cushions, blocks and others to ensure safety, comfort and creativity.  All Abilities!

All programs offered via online/Zoom.  In person local to Aiken, SC


Yogilosophy Stress Relief programs are designed with you, for your unique journey.  Please book a complimentary 30 min. consultation to determine if this is the right path for you and if we are a good fit to work together.

Click below to schedule your 30 min. Complimentary Consultation

I am here to hold safe space, guide you with all KMYLYW Coaching and Stress Relief programs.

KM Your Life Your Way    Feeling Safe Being YOU....Guilt Free!!

You can do this Yoga!  The combination of Therapeutic and Stress & Lifestyle Management coaching is designed for deep self examination, discovery through stillness, movement, breath work and meditation.

All poses designed with you, for you because this is your journey.  Being in the right pose for you, (using props, adjusting poses for your bones not mine!) will guide you both on, and off the mat.  What is happening in your life and how to respond to it can be explored in the practice with the proper placement for you, your body, your needs. 

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