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What Is In The Stillness?

We are surrounded by so much noise both outside of ourselves and inside. We can find the quiet to be almost uncomfortable. It can make us feel vulnerable. We would love to quiet our minds but it seems almost impossible. So why is it so hard to just BE in silence?

Restorative Yoga is just that, quiet, stillness, breath and YOU. But there can be so much more. When we allow ourselves to just breathe and surrender to the stillness we give our mind, body and spirit the gift of rest and relaxation. We give the gift of stepping out of the fight or flight that we get so used to living in that we don't even realize it.

We are conditioned to go, go, go. We people please, chase perfection and put ourselves last. It catches up with us and affects our health, relationships, work, life. Restorative Yoga gives you the space to take care of YOU, to find clarity in the silence. Clarity to help you decide what is best for YOU in your life. The quiet you get to know on the mat you can create off the mat in moments that work for YOU.

For now, just pause, notice where you are breathing from, most likely from your chest? Let your inhale begin from your belly and feel it rise up to the base of your neck and then let it all out through mouth or nose, whichever feels best. Take another and then another. Recreate these moments while moving through your day. Red lights, folding laundry, washing dishes, cooking, anywhere that will trigger you to remember to breathe. Small steps. It's a start.

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