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Yes, Your Life is absolutely Your Gift to live and love to the fullest. I chose to become an Adaptive Yoga teacher but little did I know, it was actually choosing me. It opened a whole new world of service. I stand for living your life your way because we spend too much of it being and doing how others think we should and, how we've learned to think we should. Enough of that!!

I began to coach stress and lifestyle management along with Restorative Yoga and it all blossomed from helping my students and clients find their pose for their journey. Your journey is different form anyone elses' and I totally understand how fearful change can be.

In order to redesign your life, you must understand why, how, when the conditioning began.

You see, it isn't your fault that you are fearful, have self-doubt, question your worth, or ride the roller-coaster of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. But once you uncover the answers then you also uncover your true strength, power, grace, courage and so much more. So, I started a podcast (talk about fear but I jumped in anyways). I wanted to give others a place to share their voice, experiences and how they have overcome or are working to overcome lifes challenges.

We calm our nervous system in Restorative poses. We learn to ebb 'n flow in balancing poses and how to do the same in daily life. We expose the generational and societal curses that have been holding you back and creating falsehoods in both body, mind and spirit. The results....understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, excitement, joy, peace, fun...FREEDOM!

Embrace the possibilities and get off the S.E.O. roller-coaster ride. Redesign Your Life Your Way.

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