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Stress Relief On & Off The Mat includes: (Live, Private One/One Sessions)


*3 /60 min. Restorative-Yin Yoga Sessions 

Deep relaxation, quieting the mind. balancing your nervous system, enhancing your immune system, and opening tight, tension held areas are just a few of the amazing benefits of Restorative-Yin Yoga.  Reduce stress and sleep better.


*2/30 min. Stress Reduction Consultations

What are your 3 top daily triggers and 2 life challenges that are increasing your stress?  We will explore how Stress Relief On & Off The Mat can help to reduce the affects of those triggers and challenges.

*Bonus  #1  Breathing Techniques / 1 Session

3 Breathing techniques to help with calming, re-centering and clearing your mind and boosting energy.

*Bonus #2   Design Your Meditation / 1 Session

We have thoughts on how meditation is supposed to look, be. You’ve probably said I cannot meditate.  Meditation does not have to be intimidating. Design a meditation that you feel comfortable with. 

*Bonus #3   "I Don't Have Time Today

It can be difficult some days to fit in your personal Restorative Yoga, I totally understand. I’ll show you how you can include a pose or two in without added stress. 

These are private one-on-one sessions via Zoom in the comfort of your home in a quiet, uninterrupted space. Both daytime and evening scheduling available.  **Sessions will be recorded for you to have and refer to.


At-home prop suggestions provided.

No prior yoga experience necessary. No pretzel poses 😊

Stress Relief On & Off The Mat

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