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Private, one-on-one coaching is available.  Why is a Complimentary Build Your Legacy session important?


My role as a coach is to listen and hear what you are feeling and seeking.  I'm here to answer

your questions as to how TSLM Coaching might serve you.  My role as your coach is to support you and guide you to find the right choices for you.  We will talk about the stages of TSLMC and its methods during the complimentary session.  


This session is not to pressure you.  It is meant to determine if this is the right path for you and to make sure we are a good fit. 


Everyone is on a different journey and yours is just that, yours. TSLM Coaching offers are designed for each clients specific needs, desires in 3 month or 6 month programs 1:1. 

(Group coaching programs forming soon.)


All Build Your Legacy sessions are relaxed, confidential and pressure free.  Schedule a session and decide if you're ready to begin the journey.


I look forward to talking with you.

Restorative-Yin Yoga (Sessions only): For Stress Reduction 

Available group or 1:1 Online*
Prior to session, suggested recommendations for at home props.
Sessions best held in an uninterrupted, quiet space.


Group Coaching Programs Coming Soon!

The part I love most about working with Kathleen is she knows just what to say to shut my "inner voice" up, the voice that is making me doubt myself and keeping me from getting out of my comfort zone. She has helped me understand the power my mind has over me and how to control it!  She has an extremely heightened sixth sense which I love because I am also and intuitive coach but struggle with staying in tune with it for myself when working with clients.  She helps me work through my own thoughts and beliefs giving me the clarity I need to keep on my life path with power and purpose every time.


Monica R. 

A true inspiration!  Kathleen is loving, kind and compassionate.  She has the exceptional ability to get you out of your head space and into the sacred holding space through her yoga program.  She teaches you to listen for that inner voice which helps you discover new and exciting things that you may not have known existed.  She encourages you to take what you have learned about yourself while on the yoga mat and apply it to your daily life when you are off the mat.  This practice gives you power and purpose.  

Angelique D. 

Kathleen brings and immediate sense of light calm and order.  She is open, clear and will teach you how to hold your space with love and confidence.  Kathleen helps you move through your fear and come out the other side with a fresh perspective to help you appreciate life's challenges and enjoy the unexpected.  Through working with Kathleen, you will shed your old layers and learn to embrace a whole new vibrant love of life. 

Laura M, 

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