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Reduce Chronic Stress, Break Cycles &
Build A Powerful Legacy
For Yourself And Your Children!


Our children are watching, listening and learning!!  

By the time we reach our mid 30's we are already picking up the pace.  In our 40's we have a mile long to do list that covers our many responsibilities and we are going 100mph.  By the time we reach our 50's we have new physical changes happening on top of everything else.  What is building over the years is more and more stress.  The affects are probably already rearing their ugly heads.   You have spent enough of your life doing, being how others think (and how you've probably thought) life should be lived. This way of 'living' was passed on to you through family, society, life experiences and if these cycles are not stopped, they will pass on to your children!  You can free yourself and them by getting off the roller coaster ride.


The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions and stress related illness is rampant. 


Stress affects the 12 Main Body Systems

Respiratory     Nervous    Immune

Digestive         Muscular   Circulatory

Urinary            Skeletal      Endocrine

Reproductive   Lymphatic    Integumentary (Skin)


Stress results in:


Autoimmune Disease

Heart Disease

Relationship Struggles

Anxiety, Depression

Create a life of joy, enhanced wellness, balance, purpose, healthier relationships, self care/love, conscious life choices without the guilt.

You can break the cycle and build a new Powerful Legacy!! 

Kathleen McDermott

Your Life Your Way!

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K. Pickering

Certified Healthy Gut Advisor

I think few things give Kathleen more pleasure than seeing her clients flourish and move toward their dreams with self-confidence and purpose. Kathleen is very straight forward in her approach in moving you toward deep self-examination while holding space for you to love and accept who you are and who you can become. She helps you to recognize what you need and want from the very basics to the big picture.


P. Tuosto

Kathleen encourages you to look within and find the best in yourself and her teachings are always positive and insightful while reminding you that it is your practice and your journey. I found her teachings helped me find deep inner peace and solace.

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