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What Stories Are you Telling Yourself?
Better yet, whose stories have you taken on and made yours?  Your Mother's? Your Father's?  What meaning are you giving to your experiences???
I can't/...It's too hard...Who am I to...I should be, do...I'm not worthy...I'm too...I can't be happy until.  I could go on and on.
Once you dig and discover these stories are not yours and never were, WOW!!!  Freedom!!!   And once you dig and discover, then realize you're passing those onto your Children. :(   It is not too late to break generational curses.
Harsh?  Good! Because they are harsh, harmful and they suck the life out of you.
You're thinking it is too late, you can't change, you've always been this way.  B.S.  I can call B.S. because I've been there. I've had to ask myself tough questions. My Boys were and are absolutely worth me doing the hard work, I know exactly how freeing it is  for all of us.
1. Be willing to admit you have cycles to break.
2. Be willing to see you're passing them on.
3. Say enough is enough.
4. Set an appt. for a free consultation with no pressure (I hate being pressured)
5. Know that you and yours are worth it!